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Part-time used book dealer. Theater costume designer/shop assistant. I like a lot of stuff.

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The Prisoner
Iron Maiden · The Number of the Beast
170 Plays

Seeing Maiden in a month. I am excited.

If you have like 18 minutes to listen to a mostly instrumental and fairly calming song, give this a try. It’s fantastic.

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Pressure Drop
The Clash · Super Black Market Clash
10 Plays

Pressure Drop — The Clash

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I Drove All Night
The Protomen
139 Plays

Time to get excited for this show. But, more importantly, what am I going to wear?

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Life During Wartime
Talking Heads · Fear of Music
19 Plays

Life During Wartime — Talking Heads

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Run Through The Jungle
Creedence Clearwater Revival · Chronicle, Vol. 1
157 Plays

Run Through the Jungle — Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song makes me feel like a huge badass.

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Patrick Wolf · The Magic Position
29 Plays

Bluebells — Patrick Wolf

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Love Is Only A Feeling
The Darkness · Permission To Land
161 Plays

Love Is Only A Feeling—The Darkness

Okay. I’m going to start doing Musical Monday again. Because if I can’t keep up with doing one Tumblr post a week what can I keep up with?

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Space Olympics
The Lonely Island · Incredibad
9725 Plays

The Lonely Island — Space Olympics

In honor of the ongoing Olympics AND Curiosity landing on Mars.

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King James
Buckethead · Crime Slunk Scene
369 Plays

King James — Buckethead

I’ve been slacking off on Musical Monday. Time to do better.

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Poison · Poison'd
30 Plays

Sexyback — Poison

I don’t even know anymore.